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Making the most of your Kent Turkeys KellyBronze Turkey for Christmas Day & beyond

BY TONY December 21, 2020 2978 News 0 Comments

With plans having to change this year, many are finding themselves in charge of cooking the Christmas turkey for the first time and we’ve had lots of requests for ideas of how best to make the most of your turkey for Christmas Day and beyond.  We’ve put together our top tips & recipe ideas below for making use of every part of your turkey and any turkey leftovers.

If you have any tips or recipe suggestions that you’d like to share, be sure to let us know via our social channels and don’t forget to tag us when you’re serving up your Kent Turkeys KellyBronze turkey for Christmas dinner or using any of the recipes below with our turkey – find us on Instagram, facebook or twitter.

Cooking your turkey
All of our KellyBronze Turkeys come with full cooking instructions and a complimentary thermometer and it really is as simple as following the instructions and trusting your thermometer!  So whether you’re a seasoned KellyBronze cook, or this is your first time cooking the turkey, we try to make it as straightforward & stress free as possible.  Our KellyBronze turkey also takes less time to cook than many commercial breeds, due to the intramuscular fat, which also adds to the flavour we are famous for.  Cooking times vary between ovens, so the thermometer really is the best way to be sure.

Breaking down your turkey
If you’ve ordered a large turkey and would prefer to cook some of the meat for Christmas Day and freeze some for a later date, why not have a go at breaking it down at home?  You can divide into a crown (or single breasts), legs & wings and there’s a great video tutorial from ChefSteps here.

Freezing your turkey
As well as being able to freeze your turkey from fresh, the meat may be frozen once cooked to use at a later date.  There are also lots of recipes which use leftovers below, which may then be frozen for a quick & easy meal to use at a later date.  A top tip is to freeze with a little gravy (remember our turkeys produce the most delicious, natural gravy stock!) to keep the meat moist and add even more flavour.

Recipes & ideas for leftovers

Many will be well versed in cooking up leftovers for Boxing Day and the following days, but if you’re looking for ideas & inspiration, whether a classic like curry or pie, or something a little bit different, we’ve got some suggestions below and there’s sure to be something to suit all tastes.  Meal planning is a fantastic way to ensure you have all the ingredients you need to hand, but most of the recipes below either use leftovers or have ingredients which are easily interchangeable based on what you have in the house.

Turkey Curry
Surely one of the best known and most loved ways of using up leftover turkey, we’ve found a fantastic Pathia Curry recipe from Kent-based Anna’s Family Kitchen over on Instagram.  Traditionally quite a hot curry, Anna’s version is very much family friendly, but with the option of an added extra kick!  Read the full recipe here

Turkey Sandwiches
Another go-to for many, there are so many winning sandwich combinations, which can also include any other leftovers or festive food that needs to be eaten.  Our favourite combinations include turkey & stuffing (even better if there’s some pigs in blankets too!), turkey, brie & cranberry (for deliciously melty brie, fry off your turkey first, then serve hot in a roll) as well as turkey mayo, served with a good helping of lettuce & tomato if you’re craving something a little more fresh!

Don’t forget, you can also freeze the breast meat once cooked, so why not keep some aside and freeze ready to use in sandwiches at a later date.

Ready to go pie mix
If you’ve separated your legs or have bought a pack of legs from us, try poaching with carrots, celery & onions.  Once cool, strip the meat off and freeze, ready to use for a delicious pie mix.
Or for a pie made using leftovers, it’s back to Anna’s Family Kitchen, whose recipe even makes use of any leftover gravy.  Read the full recipe here.

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Pastilla
A great way to use both white & brown meat which is packed full of flavour and uses filo pastry to create either one large pie or individual pies using a 6 cup muffin tin.  Another recipe which may be frozen once cooked, to use at a later date.  Read the full recipe here.

Pomegranate turkey salad

A fresh and flavourful salad, which uses clementines and cinnamon paired with leftover turkey.  A delicious salad for a lighter lunch or great as a side dish to a main meal.  Read the full recipe here.

Turkey hash
This is an excellent way to use up lots of leftovers, just cube everything up (turkey, veg, potatoes, sausages, even stuffing), chuck in a frying pan with a dash of oil, season and cook through until turning crisp & golden.  For a finishing touch, add a poached or fried egg on top before serving.

Turkey terrine
If you have a mincer or food processor, run your turkey meat through and blend with bacon or sausage meat, sage & prunes (or cranberries if you have these in excess supply) and use for a coarse terrine. There’s a fantastic recipe from Delia here.

Turkey lasagne
Any lasagne recipe can be adapted to use turkey mince, so if you have ordered minced turkey or have a mincer at home, why not give it a go.  There’s a delicious recipe from Good House Keeping here. Alternatively, if you want a recipe that makes use of leftover meat, Jamie Oliver has a great recipe here that can be used with most cooked meats, including turkey.

Turkey koftes
Another recipe that uses minced turkey, and can be served with flat breads, fresh salad, homemade chips (or left over roasties) and even brussels sprout fried rice!  Most kofte recipes can be adapted to use turkey, but top combinations include mixing in garlic, rosemary, sage or thyme.  Simply add your choice of herbs & seasoning to mince, mix thoroughly so all ingredients are combined, shape into small sausage shaped individual koftes and chill in the fridge for an hour or so.  They can then be fried in a little oil until cooked through and served with the accompaniments of your choice.

Turkey stock
It’s not just the meat that can be used for post-Christmas meals, your turkey cascass can also be used to create a delicious stock to be used in soups, stews, risotto and many other recipes.  Again, this may be frozen to use at a later date, though your freezer may be getting a little full by now!  This simple stock recipe from Barney Desmazery can be made using turkey carcass & bones in the place of the chicken carcass.

A big thank you to all who have ordered from us this year.  We do hope that the ideas above help you to use every last bit of your turkey, whether now or in the weeks to come.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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