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The Whole KellyBronze *FROZEN*

The whole bird and nothing but the bird.

Easter orders are now closed online, please call 01580 291792 if you would like to place an order.

A whole frozen KellyBronze turkey, perfect for Easter or Sunday dinner with friends or family.

Indulge in a whole KellyBronze Turkey, the most luxurious, rich and succulent meat with skin. It cooks to golden perfection giving out its delicious roasted scents.

Please allow 48 hours for your turkey to defrost before cooking.

Easter collection is from Woolpack Corner Farm, Biddenden, 9.30am-12pm on Good Friday 29th March 2024.

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Weight (kg) Weight (lb) Number of people
4 8 4-6
5 11 6-7
6 13 7-8
7 15 8-10
8 17 10-11
9 20 11-12
10 22 12-13
11 23 13-15
12 26 15+


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