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The Whole KellyBronze 3Kg – 12Kg *FROZEN*

The whole bird and nothing but the bird.

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A whole frozen KellyBronze turkey, perfect for Easter or Sunday dinner with friends or family.

Indulge in a whole KellyBronze Turkey, the most luxurious, rich and succulent meat with skin. It cooks to golden perfection giving out its delicious roasted scents,

Making it….. Fit for a Queen…maybe she has one – we couldn’t possibly say!

Weight (kg) Weight (lb) Number of people
4 8 4-6
5 11 6-7
6 13 7-8
7 15 8-10
8 17 10-11
9 20 11-12
10 22 12-13
11 23 13-15
12 26 15+


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