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Kent Turkeys take part in #BuyMyTurkey day

BY TONY December 1, 2017 866 News 0 Comments

December 1st not only signals the start of the Christmas countdown, but also the launch of the NFU’s #BuyMyTurkey campaign, urging people to buy their turkey from their local turkey farmer.

The day saw turkey farmers from across the country, including Kent Turkeys, come together to share photos, videos and lots of information on their farms and the way in which turkeys are reared and processed across social media.

There are plenty of reasons to support your local turkey farmer – such as Kent Turkeys – from having the satisfaction of knowing exactly how & where your turkey has been reared, to knowing that by supporting a local, family business you are contributing to our local economy.

You can find out more about our family farm, turkeys and the way in which we care for our free range birds by visiting our About page.

Photo: NFU Food Chain

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